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Line Up

7 Celebrations across 6 Venues, and a lot more! Awaken 2023 will be packed with great content from speakers and artists featuring some of our friends alongside individuals from our own Church Network. Checkout who’s involved on our line-up, there's more to come!


Derek Smith

Derek & Georgina carry the overall leadership and vision across all Kings Church campuses. They have been married for nearly 30 years and bring a huge wealth of experience and wisdom from their years in ministry together. Born and raised in Bolton, Derek initially trained as a landscape gardener before going into training for full-time ministry, where he met Georgina.

Together they’re passionate about empowering people to be all they can be and are committed to seeing the local Church established. With a contagious enthusiasm for life and a down-to-earth gritty style, their ministry has inspired and challenged people all over the world to grow into everything God has for them.

Rachel Mawston

Rachel is passionate about empowering people to pursue the call of God for their lives. When she preaches God’s Word, she is personal, practical and prophetic. She is the author of a devotional called ‘Soul Time’ and is currently working on her new book ‘Find your Voice’.
Rachel spent 15 years pastoring in Australia, and is currently based at Soul Church in Norwich as part of the leadership and teaching team. Rachel & husband Steve also travel to speak at conferences and churches, including coaching leaders and Pastors in UK and globally.

At home, she has been married to Steve for 30 years and is mum to Melody and Mercy.

Paul Benger

Paul is married to Jeannie and together they are the Lead Pastors of IKON Church, a church they started in 1987 that currently has 5 campuses. Paul is the Ground Level Team Leader and His passion is to “build relevant contemporary churches and inspire a generation to do the same”. Paul obsesses over the question “who’s next?” His hobbies include golf, reading and vinyl records.

Stuart Bell

Stuart Bell is the Senior Pastor of Alive Church, a growing multi site church with several locations in the UK. He is founder of the Ground Level Network, a network of around 80 churches and Partners For Influence UK, a group of leaders representing influential churches and ministries across the UK.

Stuart is actively involved in a number of national leadership forums and is an international speaker and teacher often working into both America and South Africa. Stuart has written four books.

Married to Irene, Stuart has three children and 6 grandchildren.

Joy Blundell

Joy loves and lives in Lincoln with her husband, Paul and two children, Fin and Poppy. A leader and a dreamer, a coach and a cheerleader; passionate about bringing kingdom change to society and mobilising the church to follow Jesus in co-creating a world where people can flourish. 

As one of the core leaders of Alive Church, Joy is a location pastor and leads the Lincoln North Location as well as championing and leading the mobilisation of Alive Church across all locations to be a transformative presence in the various towns and cities the church is located in. In 2006 she founded Acts trust, a charity connected to Alive Church that empowers people to end poverty and now she supports its strategic vision as chair of trustees.
Joy is also one of the leaders of Transform Lincoln (a unity movement of churches in Lincoln) and is part of the team that leads the Ground Level network of churches, a trustee of CAP uk and also runs a coaching practice, called Threads; coaching leaders to find their unique purpose and apply that to the world around them to bring transformation. 

Juanito Jonsson

Juanito Jonsson, together with his wife Ulrica, pastor 'Iglesia Next' Church in Spain, a church with campus in Costa del Sol, Jaén and Chiclana. 

Juanito was born in Sweden, but he lived his childhood in Bolivia where his parents were missionaries. In 1983, when he was 10 years old, he moved to Spain with his parents, where he has lived until this present day.

Juanito is passionate about the church, and he is known for practical teachings that are easy to apply in the day to day. As well as being a conference speaker in different countries in Europe, he is involved in church planting in different cities throughout Spain and in Bolivia.


Awaken Worship Team - Led by Dave Bell

Dave leads a dynamic team of musicians and vocalists from across the Ground Level Network, with a passion for song-writing and desire to see God stir hearts and minds to worship Dave also carries an anointing for healing and brings this into our times of worship together.

Elle Limebear

Elle Limebear has lived her life between two worlds. As the daughter of Delirious? front man, Martin Smith, Elle has experienced first-hand the thrill of stadiums filled with people while on tour around the world.

As a worship leader and youth pastor in Brighton, UK, she is immersed in a close-knit, daily ministry within her community. She grew up seeing the global church and her local church worshipping God simultaneously.

Elle sees the future of her music like a concert full of diverse people from the most eclectic of backgrounds drawn in by visuals, melodies, and art that they love. And from there, the effect of good music would become revelations of truth in their lives.

Elle recently got married to her husband Tom and they live in Brighton, UK. She is currently writing and recording new music, eating satsumas, playing Bananagrams, and enjoying every sunny day she gets in England.

Family Service

Praise Ship Orbitron

We'll be kicking off this years event with an all age Family Service, with special guests Praise Ship Orbitron

Chip Kendall and his awesome crew have developed an all-singing, all-dancing, hour-long stage production, tailor made for the families

“The Praise Ship Orbitron” is jam-packed with music, games, costumes and fun that will not only entertain but lead families to a new dimension on their spiritual journey of worship.