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yth.revival is about reaching a generation with the message of Jesus, to see a generation on fire for Jesus and take that back into the local churches.

Outside of the main meetings there’s load of time for the young people to hang out with their friends and make some new ones.  They can choose to go along to seminars which cover lots of different topics relating to how young people live out their faith as well as other activities such as sports, music, films, big inflatables and other fun activities that are going on late into the evening!

Main Meetings

The main meetings begin on Friday evening. Every morning and evening we come together in our main meetings to have fun, worship Jesus, hear some great teaching from the Bible and encounter God and his presence.

This year the morning youth sessions will be together for worship but will then split into age specific groups in separate venues, this will allow for more age specific content and activities. The evening sessions will be held in one venue again as last year but with more team members to support younger guests. 


Worship is a key part of our faith and is central to all that we do at yth.revival.


During each meeting, we make time to look at God’s word together and hear from a speaker who will help us apply what we read in the Bible to the things that are happening in our lives and in the world around us.


There will be moments of prayer, responding to God and encountering the Holy Spirit. These times will be stage lead and will always be talked through, so that there is a clear understanding of what is happening.


Every day we have a jam-packed schedule of seminars. These are focused on a particular topic, covering all sorts of subjects such as praying for people, worship, reading the Bible, mission, being bold, and being set free from pain. Feel free to head along to as many of these as you like and encourage your young people to do the same.

Some groups gather together each morning and look at what seminars are coming up that day. People are often more motivated to go when they know others are going too and it might be that you/some of your leaders can take groups to seminars you think would be of particular interest.

Afternoons & Evenings

As well as seminars, there is a tonne of other stuff going on to fill the afternoons and evenings. We have Space Venue, sports, fun activities and a whole range of seminars that you and your young people can attend.

We really encourage you and your young people to get as involved as you can whilst at yth.revival. Engage in the worship, take notes during the talks, go along to seminars, make friends and pray for people. If there is anything you are not sure about or think we could do better, then come to a team member and let us know - we would love to know what you think!

It’s always wise to plan some time out for yourself and your other group leaders each day. Check in on each other and try and have coffee together to keep a sense of team spirit – whilst it can be exhilarating seeing young people meet with Jesus, it can also be exhausting being surrounded by teenagers for four days!

Stay Tuned

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